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Who is Reid Romans? A drunk or something more?

For my famous representation of Reid, I imagine a younger Charlie Hunnam. Why oh why can't he be in Fifty Shades? Sorry, I digress. I find the man absolutely enthralling. 

Anyway. Moving on! A little about Reid Romans: 

He spends his days panhandling on Portland's street corners, favoring the one outside Powell's Bookstore. His past is a dark, painful mess that threatens to push him closer to madness. Without his daily bottle of Jack Daniels past memories torment and torture, tempting him with the idea that death might be preferable to his present circumstances. Only in his mid-twenties, he's harboring more secrets then men twice his age, secrets if uncovered could cost him his miserable existence. 

Things change for Reid in a major (I mean major) way when a local liquor store owner offers him something far different than his daily dose of whiskey. 

When a gorgeous genie explodes from the gifted bottle in a cloud of smoke, his life is turned upside down, inside out, and right side up (sort of). 

Underneath all the dirt, grime, and abundance of unkept facial hair, Reid Romans is seriously sexy. He is not who or what he seems to be. Genie helps him peel away the unwanted layers, both physical and emotional, allowing him to become who he was meant to be. 

As a man whose sexual tastes are highly diverse, he's afraid Genie won't be able to handle his desires. He's shocked to discover she's exactly what he's been searching for in and out of the bedroom. 

DISCLAIMER: There is so much about Reid I just can't share without giving away HUGE SPOILERS. 

So how about an excerpt? 

“You’re at my place. Genie made breakfast. Why don’t we fill you in over bacon and eggs?”

Despite the pounding in his head, his stomach gurgled at the thought of hot food. Breakfast was a luxury that no hangover, no matter how extreme, could keep him from.

After using the bathroom and finding a shirt he must have discarded by the bed, he joined Mark and the woman called Genie at the table. He was torn. Part of him wanted to devour the plate of food that had been placed in front of him, the other part wanted to stare at the foreign beauty who had referred to him as master, whatever that meant.

He decided to do both.

Shoveling the best scrambled eggs he’d tasted in years into his mouth, he watched Mark and Genie as they discussed Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie she had enjoyed last night for the first time. His heart rate increased as he absorbed all that was Genie.

Her hair was such a deep shade of black, it appeared almost blue, but unlike the trendy hair colors common to Portland, hers somehow seemed natural. He’d never seen the vibrant color before. Contrasted with her unusually dark eyes, full, heart-shaped lips, and olive skin, it was hard to tear his gaze from her face, but when he finally did, he was rewarded with a long, elegant neck that begged to be kissed, perfectly sculpted shoulders, and breasts that would more than fill his hands. He couldn’t see below the table, but he’d already memorized her narrow waist, tapering into flared hips that were wider than what adorned most popular magazine covers. He’d always found protruding hip bones and ribs unattractive on women. There was nothing unattractive about Genie.

Sensing his appraisal, she glanced his way. “Mast…I mean Reid, do you approve of my attire?” She stood and spun a slow circle.

Unsure why she’d ask, he looked closer at her clothing.

Dressed in a body hugging tank top, with some glittery design across the bust, and a pair of short shorts and silver sandals, she looked perfect. She wore her hair lose. The way it cascaded over her shoulders, reaching her waist, was beyond sexy.

He was glad she couldn’t see the bulge in his jeans. He shifted, hoping to take some of the pressure off.

These days, this particular inconvenience happened only when his bladder was full first thing in the morning. His alcoholism and homeless lifestyle didn’t bode well for sexual encounters. Not that folks on the street weren’t having sex, because they were; but in his case, he’d lost all interest. Keeping his liquor level on target took all his time and energy; but for the first time since that night, he found himself fantasizing about sex—sex with Genie to be more exact. Forcing the thought away, he took a bite of bacon.

“Reid?” she pressed. “You didn’t answer my question. I think this ensemble is more in line with current fashions.”

He leaned back and ran his hand through his hair. “Uh, you look great, fantastic, I mean.”

“I’m glad you’re not angry anymore,” she replied. “I understand. You had quite a shock.”

Mark piped in, “Ready to hear what happened?”

Was he? He wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He’d been pissed about something, and he hated to dredge up any reason to spark his anger. He spent most of his time angry. For once, he was halfway enjoying himself.

“Perhaps I could just show you.” Genie flicked her wrist, and the big flat screen flashed on. Instead of a TV show, an image of the liquor store appeared. Mark and Reid were standing amidst the shelves talking.

“How did you…?” Maybe he’d imagined what he thought he just saw. No one could turn on a TV without a remote.

“Just watch. It will all make sense,” Mark instructed.

Turning his attention back to the screen, Reid observed the scene with increasing interest. He was uncorking a purple bottle that Mark had handed him. A plume of smoke billowed from its opening and morphed into Genie dressed in some flashy belly dancing costume. He stayed silent as more of last night’s events unfolded magically like a made-for-TV-movie, and then he remembered—everything.

The jerks outside Powell’s; Starsky and Hutch robbing him at knife point; and his desperate attempt to get a bottle of Jack from Mark without paying; it all came back in a rush.

What he’d gotten from Mark was a genie named Genie. A mythical creature who clearly saw the faults he’d fought so hard to keep hidden and who had every intention of saving him from himself.

No wonder he’d been angry. He didn’t need anyone’s help. Not Mark’s and certainly not some genie who called him master. What he needed was another drink, and then he’d get back where he belonged, Portland’s streets. 

Want to learn more about Reid, Genie, Mark, and the others? Bottle Banished is available still for the PRE-ORDER PRICE of $.99. The price will increase on February 12, 2015, the day after publication. 


As a recap, here are the characters you have met so far:

Jinn Kûru starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Genie starring a gorgeous model (would love to find her name)

Reid Romans starring the delicious Charlie Hunnam

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