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Who is Reid Romans? A drunk or something more?

For my famous representation of Reid, I imagine a younger Charlie Hunnam. Why oh why can't he be in Fifty Shades? Sorry, I digress. I find the man absolutely enthralling. 

Anyway. Moving on! A little about Reid Romans: 

He spends his days panhandling on Portland's street corners, favoring the one outside Powell's Bookstore. His past is a dark, painful mess that threatens to push him closer to madness. Without his daily bottle of Jack Daniels past memories torment and torture, tempting him with the idea that death might be preferable to his present circumstances. Only in his mid-twenties, he's harboring more secrets then men twice his age, secrets if uncovered could cost him his miserable existence. 

Things change for Reid in a major (I mean major) way when a local liquor store owner offers him something far different than his daily dose of whiskey. 

When a gorgeous genie explodes from the gifted bottle in a cloud of smoke, his life is turned upside down, inside out, and right side up (sort of). 

Underneath all the dirt, grime, and abundance of unkept facial hair, Reid Romans is seriously sexy. He is not who or what he seems to be. Genie helps him peel away the unwanted layers, both physical and emotional, allowing him to become who he was meant to be. 

As a man whose sexual tastes are highly diverse, he's afraid Genie won't be able to handle his desires. He's shocked to discover she's exactly what he's been searching for in and out of the bedroom. 

DISCLAIMER: There is so much about Reid I just can't share without giving away HUGE SPOILERS. 

So how about an excerpt? 

“You’re at my place. Genie made breakfast. Why don’t we fill you in over bacon and eggs?”

Despite the pounding in his head, his stomach gurgled at the thought of hot food. Breakfast was a luxury that no hangover, no matter how extreme, could keep him from.

After using the bathroom and finding a shirt he must have discarded by the bed, he joined Mark and the woman called Genie at the table. He was torn. Part of him wanted to devour the plate of food that had been placed in front of him, the other part wanted to stare at the foreign beauty who had referred to him as master, whatever that meant.

He decided to do both.

Shoveling the best scrambled eggs he’d tasted in years into his mouth, he watched Mark and Genie as they discussed Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie she had enjoyed last night for the first time. His heart rate increased as he absorbed all that was Genie.

Her hair was such a deep shade of black, it appeared almost blue, but unlike the trendy hair colors common to Portland, hers somehow seemed natural. He’d never seen the vibrant color before. Contrasted with her unusually dark eyes, full, heart-shaped lips, and olive skin, it was hard to tear his gaze from her face, but when he finally did, he was rewarded with a long, elegant neck that begged to be kissed, perfectly sculpted shoulders, and breasts that would more than fill his hands. He couldn’t see below the table, but he’d already memorized her narrow waist, tapering into flared hips that were wider than what adorned most popular magazine covers. He’d always found protruding hip bones and ribs unattractive on women. There was nothing unattractive about Genie.

Sensing his appraisal, she glanced his way. “Mast…I mean Reid, do you approve of my attire?” She stood and spun a slow circle.

Unsure why she’d ask, he looked closer at her clothing.

Dressed in a body hugging tank top, with some glittery design across the bust, and a pair of short shorts and silver sandals, she looked perfect. She wore her hair lose. The way it cascaded over her shoulders, reaching her waist, was beyond sexy.

He was glad she couldn’t see the bulge in his jeans. He shifted, hoping to take some of the pressure off.

These days, this particular inconvenience happened only when his bladder was full first thing in the morning. His alcoholism and homeless lifestyle didn’t bode well for sexual encounters. Not that folks on the street weren’t having sex, because they were; but in his case, he’d lost all interest. Keeping his liquor level on target took all his time and energy; but for the first time since that night, he found himself fantasizing about sex—sex with Genie to be more exact. Forcing the thought away, he took a bite of bacon.

“Reid?” she pressed. “You didn’t answer my question. I think this ensemble is more in line with current fashions.”

He leaned back and ran his hand through his hair. “Uh, you look great, fantastic, I mean.”

“I’m glad you’re not angry anymore,” she replied. “I understand. You had quite a shock.”

Mark piped in, “Ready to hear what happened?”

Was he? He wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He’d been pissed about something, and he hated to dredge up any reason to spark his anger. He spent most of his time angry. For once, he was halfway enjoying himself.

“Perhaps I could just show you.” Genie flicked her wrist, and the big flat screen flashed on. Instead of a TV show, an image of the liquor store appeared. Mark and Reid were standing amidst the shelves talking.

“How did you…?” Maybe he’d imagined what he thought he just saw. No one could turn on a TV without a remote.

“Just watch. It will all make sense,” Mark instructed.

Turning his attention back to the screen, Reid observed the scene with increasing interest. He was uncorking a purple bottle that Mark had handed him. A plume of smoke billowed from its opening and morphed into Genie dressed in some flashy belly dancing costume. He stayed silent as more of last night’s events unfolded magically like a made-for-TV-movie, and then he remembered—everything.

The jerks outside Powell’s; Starsky and Hutch robbing him at knife point; and his desperate attempt to get a bottle of Jack from Mark without paying; it all came back in a rush.

What he’d gotten from Mark was a genie named Genie. A mythical creature who clearly saw the faults he’d fought so hard to keep hidden and who had every intention of saving him from himself.

No wonder he’d been angry. He didn’t need anyone’s help. Not Mark’s and certainly not some genie who called him master. What he needed was another drink, and then he’d get back where he belonged, Portland’s streets. 

Want to learn more about Reid, Genie, Mark, and the others? Bottle Banished is available still for the PRE-ORDER PRICE of $.99. The price will increase on February 12, 2015, the day after publication. 


As a recap, here are the characters you have met so far:

Jinn Kûru starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Genie starring a gorgeous model (would love to find her name)

Reid Romans starring the delicious Charlie Hunnam

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Don't Cross a Jinn!

My Blog Tour and book release are drawing ever closer. So close! Which means the last chance to pre-order Bottle Banished - Dreaming of Genie for $.99 is rapidly approaching. Would you consider helping me spread the word? Please feel free to use this promo-piece for your blogs, Twitter, Facebook...well, you get the point.

As promised (I'm just a bit behind) I will be posting a character cameo for Reid Romans. Tonight, perhaps? Be sure to check back. Expect some cool contests and giveaways closer to Release Day!

Happy Wishing!

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Who is Genie the genie?

Time for another character cameo. I promised to share snapshots of how I envision my characters by using famous folks as examples. For Genie, I couldn't find a "famous" woman who fit how I picture her. However, I discovered a portrait of a gorgeous model who is an exact replica of my heroine. The only issue is her eyes. Genie's eyes are dark brown. The model's are a gorgeous sky blue. Other than that I believe I've found my genie. 

If you recall, I imagined Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as my evil, sexy jinn who is obsessed with claiming Genie for himself. Genie is having none of that! 

She is a woman who wants to help others. She takes rules seriously and doesn't settle for less than the best. She believes in love and finds the patriarchal society she was raised in obsolete and the practice of keeping women in harems, degrading. When she meets her new master, she is shocked to discover how attracted she is to him, despite a number of glaring problems that he makes no effort to hide. We'll talk more about Reid Romans later. Regardless, she hates to see anyone suffer, glaring problems or not, and Reid is no exception. Her attraction to him awakens feelings she's never experienced, especially with a master. 

Below you will find an excerpt featuring Genie and Reid. Let's just say, things get hot and steamy between them despite their efforts to resist.

Excerpt from Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie
Genie's POV

Standing in the exact place Reid had stood before giving her the home tour, Genie followed a yacht’s progress. Through the floor-to-ceiling window, she watched as it glided down the river, waves cresting gently at its sides, the onboard lights bright and cheery, the glow welcoming. She had an unexpected urge to join the ship’s guests as they enjoyed their summer evening on such a glorious vessel. Perhaps there, she could escape the feelings Reid Romans had awakened.
She was no longer held captive in a bottle, but was instead imprisoned by a set of archaic rules that kept her from what she wanted most.
“Genie! There you are. What happened? You were petting my blanket and admiring my room, and then you disappeared. I thought you’d left me.”
He thought I left him? I couldn’t…wouldn’t.
“Reid, unless you release me, I am yours for as long as you live. Nothing will separate us,” she said the words with the realization she didn’t mind being bound to a master, as long as that master was Reid. She’d left his bedroom to escape the fire blazing between them.
“Do you want me to release you? You said something about it last night.” He joined her at the window, their arms touching.
“No, I want to stay, but I figured that was what you wanted. You weren’t real thrilled to find me, if you recall.” It was hard to believe his animosity had diminished so rapidly. Removing his physical need for liquor had changed him faster than she’d predicted. Granted, they’d been bombarded with one crisis after another, keeping his mind occupied.
“I was a real jerk,” he admitted, leaning closer.
They stayed that way, barely touching and staring silently, until Reid cleared his throat. “Thank you for everything you’ve done. I don’t want to drink. That’s a miracle, pure and simple. I have hope, and I have you.”
Like a moth drawn to light, she tilted her head, glimpsing the intensity of his gaze.
 “Genie…” The way he said her name was like a soft caress.
He reached around her neck, sliding his hand into her hair.
She pushed aside every warning about romancing a master and shifted closer, until she was pressed against him. She shivered, dropping her head to stare at her feet.
“Look at me,” he commanded.
Unable to resist, she obeyed.
 “You are the most beautiful and intriguing woman I have ever met, and that’s no lie. I need to kiss you. Once I do, there is no going back. Do you understand? I. Will. Possess. You.”
His words sent a jolt of desire through her like electricity through a wire. She wanted him to possess her, whatever that entailed. But a sudden vision of him in danger because of her selfishness invaded. Just the thought of him hurt had a sobering effect, dousing her desire like a bucket of water poured over a hot flame.
“I can’t. I’m sorry”
But what if the rules aren’t true? What if I can be with him?
“I’m not good enough for you,” he snapped. “The drunk with a past is not sufficient for the perfect genie. I’m guessing that jinn is more your type.”
“Master, Reid…that is not the reason,” she pleaded, angry with herself for sending mixed signals and with him for his rude response. She knew he was hurting and couldn’t possibly understand her rejection, but how could he accuse her of wanting the jinn? Hadn’t she made it clear how much she despised him?
“Tell me then. What is the reason? I feel like we’ve been playing cat and mouse all day. I know you want me, Genie. I can see it in your eyes, the way your body sways toward mine. I told myself I was no good for you, but none of that matters. Not anymore. If I can’t touch you, I think I’ll go insane.”
She gasped. His latest revelation sent her emotions reeling. “Reid, there are rules.”
“Fuck the rules! Rules are meant to be broken.” His eyes darkened again, ensnaring her like a fly in a spider’s web.
“Fuck the rules,” she whispered, liking the way the words sounded, but shocked they’d come from her.
“That’s right, baby. Fuck the rules.”
This time when he reached for her she reached back.
His lips crushed against hers with such force, she groaned. A responding growl rumbled deep in Reid’s throat as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, exploring and tasting with urgency.
Genie responded, grabbing his hips and pressing her breasts hard against him. Nothing could have prepared her for how her body responded to one kiss. Heat radiated through her core, causing her womb to clench and her thighs to clamp together. Reid’s sent of musk and man overwhelmed her senses.
I want to consume him.
“I like it when you’re a bad girl. Breaking the rules is hot as hell,” Reid whispered against her lips. “Can you blink us to the bedroom, baby?”
He didn’t need to ask twice. 

If you enjoyed what you read and want more, now is a great time to grab your copy of Bottle Banished. It is available for Amazon Kindle at a pre-order price of $.99. Price will increase following the initial release. 

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Blog Tour Almost Here!

My first book blog tour is drawing closer. That's right! February 11, 2015 is the big day. Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie also releases that day. Woo Hoo! What a day. 

I'd like to share some promo pieces with you. Designed by my tour host, Bewitching Book Tours, these little lovelies are available for you to post. Feel free to grab and share on your blogs or Twitter, or, well, anywhere!

Also, you can expect a character cameo, featuring Genie, and new book excerpts over the next several days. I can't wait to share more of my world with you!

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Tease. Tempt. Torment.

I'm hoping to tease, tempt, and torment  you (in a nice way) with tidbits from my book. These little snapshots provide just a glimpse of what readers will find within the pages of Bottle Banished. It is so darn hard to know what to share with you. I don't want to reveal secrets, but I want you to be tantalized into reading this book. (Like all my 'T' words?) 

Imagine a new mom with her baby all dressed up in his/her cute new outfit. She can't wait to show that baby off to the world. I think it's kind of like that for an author with a looming book release. We want to share this product of our labor to the world. Granted, laboring over a book might not be as painful as birthing a baby (10 lb babies in my case) but it is a trying process that involves hard work and dedication, pushing through the pain and frustration when those words just won't come out. See all the parallels to childbirth? 

Then come the reviews. Lord All Mighty! People criticize, and at times, even hate your "baby." They tell the world how awful your baby looks. You learn to develop tough skin. If not, you won't survive in this business. Just look at those bestselling authors, they, too, have the dreaded one and two star reviews. Sometimes, tons of them. Thank goodness they keep having babies (I mean publishing books!). 

So, right now is a perfect time to take a peek at my baby without investing a lot of your hard earned money. Until February 11, 2015, you can PRE-ORDER my book baby at Amazon Kindle for .99 cents. I believe, hope, wish, you find my "baby" to be so damn fantastic you have to tell the world about it. If not, you've only lost a buck looking.  I can't tell you how many book's I've checked out at low introductory prices and been thrilled. There's some good looking babies out there! 

Okay, enough of the baby/book comparison. Though it works, huh? Happy reading! More teasers coming soon. I'm thinking everyday until release. We'll see if I can keep up the momentum! Thank you so much for hanging out on my little corner of the web. I'd love to hear your comments and answer you questions. Feel free to grab any of my promo creations and share them on your corner of the web! Let's connect!

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Pre-Order Price .99 cents!

After perusing Amazon Kindle, I decided I wanted to be one of those authors who does a spectacular pre-order event, which meant I needed to drop the pre-order price from $1.99 to .99 until the release date. So, if you are curious, not sure, but think you just might like Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie, now is the time to grab your copy. Take a chance! Make a wish! Open the bottle!  


One Obsessed Djinn

When a person (or jinn) wants something they can't have, he or she can become a wee bit obsessive, to put it mildly. They might even behave badly. It's easy, after all, to get hung up--hard--on the object or person we desire most. 

In my story, a jinn who never experiences rejection is turned down by the genie he wants above all else. His need to possess her supercedes even his common sense, making him ruthless and careless. S-o-o-o not a good combination when you're trying to rescue and avenge a family member while you have hunters hot on your smoky trail, eager to bind you to a bottle. 

Find out what happens when Genie refutes Jinn Kûru yet again, falling for a human instead. 

I think you will be shocked to discover how things play out. Don't think traditional love triangle. Oh, no! Not even close.

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Bewitching Book Tours: Now scheduling a two week tour for Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie by C.L. Riley

Bewitching Book Tours: Now scheduling a two week tour for Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie by C.L. Riley

 I am very excited to participate with Roxanne and Bewitching Book Tours. I am hoping to spread the word about Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie. With so many amazing books and authors to choose from, it is crucial readers get a chance to meet my characters. 

So...who shall I introduce first? 

Just for fun, I am going to use famous people to represent my characters. So I'm casting, Kûru, our evil, sexy, obsessive, domineering, sex-fueled djinn, with the one and only...Dwayne Johnson. In this particular photo (love the quote, too!) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, reminds me of my jinn. Add a few more tribal tattoos across his chest and back, and ears that are a tad more pointy, and you've got my bad boy jinn.

Here is an excerpt from Bottle Banished featuring Kûru the Jinn:

Too impatient to wait for his driver to open the door,
Kûru grabbed his leather jacket and slipped from the limo with inhuman grace. Side stepping him on the sidewalk, the driver raised a brow, clearly impressed by his quick reflexes.

He would need to be more careful.

Toning down his unnatural speed and flexibility wasn’t easy, but he had to make every effort to blend in. Nodding at the driver, he headed toward the entrance, energized by the thrill of the hunt.

A young woman pushed by. “Excuse me. I’m late for a meeting.” She bustled in without giving him a second glance.

Usually just a brush against him triggered a heated response. He entered after her, intrigued. He wasn’t sure what she looked like. She’d been so quick, all he had noticed was her hair’s ginger waves. Scanning the room, he struggled without success to spot her through the crowd.

True to the driver’s word, the place looked like a Wall Street after-hour-hangout. He could smell wealth and desperation. Like him, not everyone here was who they appeared to be. There were women hoping to snare rich patrons and men who had lost everything, eager for invitations back into the world they’d been barred from. Most curious was the scent of magic. It was faint, but nevertheless, all too real.

On guard and acutely aware of his surroundings, he made his way through the crowded tables, forcing himself to bump against a chair. “Pardon me,” he muttered, hating the farce.

How could humans live with their clumsiness? Just faking it disgusted him, but until he identified the magic’s source, he would remain wary and make every effort to appear human. He couldn’t afford to be blindsided by an enemy jinn or hunter.

Finding an empty stool at the long bar, he leaned back, arms crossed, and faced the room.

A jazz band played on one of several stages under a canopy of colorful lights. The atmosphere and décor were indeed designed to reflect the customers’ wealth. Waitresses wore simple, form-fitting black dresses with basic low-heeled pumps and carried their silver trays with expert ease, while the male servers moved through the room, spinning and ducking to avoid accidents with their own practiced precision. Their black dress shirts and slacks were casually classy. Over all, the place was sleek but simple.

As expected, women were starting to notice him. Men had spotted him as well, marking him as a rival to their chances at business and pleasure. He understood he was also what regular attendees might refer to as “fresh meat.” He shook his head at the ridiculous comparison.

A perky waitress stopped in front of him. “The bartender looks pretty busy. Can I get you something?” She pressed out her breasts and smiled, looking too young to be peddling liquor.

“Scotch, Johnnie Walker, blue label, minimal ice.”

She waited for him to say more, but he didn’t. He was on a mission and didn’t have time for frivolous pleasures, not tonight. Cocktail waitresses were off the menu no matter how tasty they might be.

A few minutes later she returned with his drink. He gave her a sizable tip, regretting he couldn’t give her what she really wanted.

After enduring sixty minutes of flirty advances from intoxicated women and challenging stares from the men, he was weary of the whole scene. Despite their social standing, the humans were predictable and boring. No one stood out, and he’d yet to locate the woman from earlier.

Ready to leave, he headed through the crowd to the men’s room. He wanted to wash his hands of this place both literally and figuratively.

At a table near the back, surrounded by gossiping females, he recognized the woman he’d been searching for. Apparently the meeting had been her birthday celebration. She was tearing shiny paper from a box. A half-eaten cake with candles, surrounded by empty glasses, took up the table’s central spot. Unlike the rest of her party, she paid him no heed. The others had stopped watching her to stare at him.

“Ladies! I’m over here! What’s wrong with…?” She finally lifted her head to meet his gaze. She scowled. “Can I help you with something?”

Her friends tittered nervously. “Cassie,” one chided. “That’s rude.”

He looked over his shoulder and back. She had to be kidding, right? No human female had ever rejected him. Only his genie could claim that feat.

Fighting the urge to turn up his sex appeal, he slammed through the bathroom door, humiliated. Another man followed. “Don’t feel bad. We’ve all tried to hit that tonight. She’s one of those ice queens. Her friends seem pretty impressed with you, though. At least you don’t have to go home alone.”

He wanted to strangle the man now humming as he faced the urinal, but instead accepted a towel offered by the bathroom attendant who kept his expression neutral. He handed over a tip and made a quick escape before he’d be forced to hear anymore sage advice from a useless human.

Frustrated by Cassie’s rejection, he stomped by their table, focused on the exit.

“Wait! Please!”

He stopped, turning slowly. Cassie waved him over. Too curious to resist, he found himself standing beside their table.

“I’m sorry. I was impolite. You didn’t do anything. I’m just sick of …”

“Men,” the woman on her left supplied. “She’s sick of men.”

Not sure what to say, he raised an eyebrow.

“You look about as lost as I feel,” Cassie laughed. “Come on, have a seat. I’m sure one of these other non-man-hating ladies will buy you a drink.”

Feeling oddly uncomfortable, he pulled out a chair.

Before he could sit, the scent of magic, stronger this time, assaulted him with its one of a kind sweetness. The nearby employee entrance was flung open and a handful of masked men poured into the room, weapons drawn.

The need to protect Cassie was both sudden and unexpected.

He leapt over the table and pushed her behind him. The band stopped and people scrambled to hide under tables; others cowered on the floor crying. An ammonia laced odor was evidence that bladders had emptied the second the gunmen entered.

Keeping their weapons pointed into the crowd, the men parted like the red sea for Moses, but rather than the biblical hero, a lean Hispanic man swaggered into the room, talking as he walked. “No need to be so scared. I’m here for one person. He knows who he is. If he comes willingly, you all can continue your evening. No one gets hurt. Comprende’? If he doesn’t, I kill one of you every minute until he does.”

No one moved.

Kûru glanced to the right where the magic seemed strongest.

His nephew’s gaze met his. At least he wasn’t in a bottle, banished.

Using the link existing between jinns, Kûru sent him a mental message: Do not reveal you recognize me. I will free you, and we will enact our revenge. I promise you. The leader, is he Santiago?

No. His younger brother. Santiago sends others to do his dirty work.

Had it been Santiago, Kûru might have acted right then.

“You!” Santiago’s brother pointed at him. “Why aren’t you on your knees like everyone else? Since you are so brave, you die first.”

“No!” Cassie cried behind him, warming his heart despite the guns now pointed at his head.

He sneered at the threat, satisfied to see his adversary flinch. Apparently, the younger Santiago had expected him to collapse on the floor and plead for his life.

That would never happen. Not now. Not ever.

He’d have to risk using magic. Fortunately, the options for creative retaliation were infinite. If he could find a way to finish this swiftly, without revealing his powers, he’d call the night a success.


When I first had the idea for a bad ass jinn, I was reminded of a character from the TV series, Supernatural. Remember this djinn?

Though, scary, he didn't have the sex appeal I was seeking. Thus:

I hope you enjoyed the teaser! Most scenes involving my lead jinn include steamy sex, so I am keeping it simple on the blog. Watch for more character cameos coming soon! I'd love to hear who you think would make a sexy, evil, djinn. Please share! I welcome reader interaction. So let's interact!

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Enter to Win!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Bottle Banished by C.L.  Riley

Bottle Banished

by C.L. Riley

Giveaway ends March 11, 2015.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Sexy Djinns

Let's talk about the djinn or jinns, as I refer to them in Bottle Banished. In the world I created, these mythical creatures are domineering, extremely confident, and exude sex appeal far beyond the most tempting human male. They gain energy from sexual encounters and are NEVER refused. Needless to say, they've got egos as big as their... ehem!

For us human gals (I'm assuming you're human) we would be doomed to strip off our clothes in their presence and would be more than happy to do just that. Once we'd done the actual "dirty deed" we would be forever soul-touched and tempted by the jinn, never quite able to find satisfaction with a man. After all, a jinn is the ultimate pleasure source. Talk about inconvenient for us!

For Kûru, a powerful, controlling, overbearing jinn, who sees women, both humans and genies, as something needed to fuel his energy and satisfy his desires, he is intrigued and slightly (okay, a lot) obsessed with Genie, a genie who was able to resist his advances, something unheard of. He has wanted her for over a century and will stop at nothing to gain her affections. 

Only problem: She hates him. Bigger problem: She's fallen (hard) for her human master. 

I can't tell you what happens. Well, I could, but I won't. BUT...don't even think traditional love triangle here. It's not like that. There's a twist you won't see coming. Perhaps he will cross paths with another woman able to resist his charms? 

Bottom line: I can't wait for your to meet Kûru. You'll hate him, want him, maybe even grow to like him by the end of the adventure. Who knows? I'll look forward to your thoughts on him after you read the book.

Are you interested in information about Djinn, Genie's, and their unique brand of magic? Check out this "factual" information.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Bottle Banished Available for Pre-order!

I am so darn thrilled to report that my new book, Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie, is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Yep! The countdown has begun. Book Tour is scheduled with Bewitching Book Tours, and things are heating up.

So climb out of your bottle and grab a copy at the introductory price of $1.99. Price will increase following initial release. More reading options (trade paperback, Nook, Kobo...) coming soon.

Click to Pre-order Now!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Genie Commandments

Genies, like all of us, have guidelines, rules, commandments, laws...boundaries in place to keep them in line. Only problem, most don't adhere to the rules. Genie, from Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie, tries her best to stay within the limits put in place, but discovers sometimes rules are better broken.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Tours and More

I'm so excited to report that Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie is inching closer to publication. There will be pre-order information coming very soon! In addition, I will be doing a Blog Tour in the next couple of months.

I can't wait to share this story with you! I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I will be posting the first three chapters, in their entirety, sometime this week. Watch for details.

Also, if you are a book blogger and interested in doing a review or having me do a guest spot on your blog, I would be delighted.

Check out my playlist for the book:

1. I Dream of Genie theme song
2. Madness, Muse
3. Gods and Monsters,  Lana Del Rey
4. Love me Harder, Ariana Grande
5. Animal, Neon Trees
6. Closer, Nine Inch Nails
7. Start Me Up, The Rolling Stones
8. Animals, Maroon 5
9. The Heart Wants what it Wants, Selena Gomez
10. One Way Or Another, Blondie
11. Ride, Lana Del Rey
12. Drunk In Love, Beyonce'
13. Decode, Paramore
14. Do I Wanna Know? Artic Monkeys
15. Heaven Knows, The Pretty Reckless

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bottles Are Bad!


Okay, here's the scoop. In Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie bottles are bad, very bad, and to be avoided at all costs. Now I always loved Barbara Eden's bottle (inside and out). In fact, as a little girl, I wanted to live in that darn bottle. I mean just look at it! How much fun is she having in there? But in my new book there is only one fate worse than bottle banishment -- death. 

Read the Bottle Banished prologue and part of chapter one to learn more on the TEASERS PAGE.

The picture below is a more accurate depiction of what happens when a hunter comes armed with his or her own brand of magic. And, trust me, there is no fine furniture to lounge on inside.