Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do you enjoy creating BOOK TEASERS?

I can't wait to reveal Firestorm to you guys! I'm sorry it is taking a tad longer then expected. I want it to be perfect. There are so many twists and turns...major surprises to reveal. Make sure to read Firetrap and Firefight first. This is definitely not a standalone series. Each book builds on the previous. Fireworks will be the final installment.

Also, if you are enjoying the series, would you consider helping me spread the word? 

I would love to see what kind of book teaser you can come up with. In fact...how about a TEASER CONTEST. Create a Teaser for Firetrap, Firefight, or Firestorm or the series as a whole. We'll have folks vote for the WINNER. The winner will get a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a special edition paperback of the series (coming once series is complete). Fine Print: Will need at least 10 entries from 10 contributors to make this a contest, so let your friends know. Final date to enter is October 7, 2015. If you need some pictures or quotes, message me on Facebook . Feel free to grab what you might need in order to create your amazing artwork from my social media sites. 

Good Luck! Can't wait to see those mad design skills at work. REMEMBER; Facebook has nothing to do with this contest/giveaway, it is all on me, the author.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


The third book in the Scorched Souls Serial-Series, Firestorm, is coming soon. I need to prepare you...this installment is the darkest of the four books. 

I promise there will be Fireworks once the storm passes, but these characters will go through hell to reach their HEA. Be Warned.