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Who is C.L. Riley?

It is kind of top secret. I am a published author under another name, with four books to my credit; but I've decided to branch out and use a pen name for my darker, more erotic books. I know! Two identities, cool, huh? Weird, maybe?

So, for now, no picture of the "real" me. I am a woman. I am middle aged. I have kids, pets, and still work my day job. My heart belongs to writing, though. I enjoy reading and writing just about anything, making "branding" difficult. A publicists worst nightmare. I hop around and read several books at once. I have so many book projects bouncing around in my mind, at times I fear for what's left of my sanity. I'm sure some of you can relate!

Anyway. For more information about me and this whole Genie obsession, visit my website (thank you to Carol Van Atta for helping me with my start up site) to learn more about the Bottle Banished series.

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Here's how and where you can find me:

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I welcome comments and friendly interaction. Let's connect!

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