Sunday, January 25, 2015

Who is Genie the genie?

Time for another character cameo. I promised to share snapshots of how I envision my characters by using famous folks as examples. For Genie, I couldn't find a "famous" woman who fit how I picture her. However, I discovered a portrait of a gorgeous model who is an exact replica of my heroine. The only issue is her eyes. Genie's eyes are dark brown. The model's are a gorgeous sky blue. Other than that I believe I've found my genie. 

If you recall, I imagined Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as my evil, sexy jinn who is obsessed with claiming Genie for himself. Genie is having none of that! 

She is a woman who wants to help others. She takes rules seriously and doesn't settle for less than the best. She believes in love and finds the patriarchal society she was raised in obsolete and the practice of keeping women in harems, degrading. When she meets her new master, she is shocked to discover how attracted she is to him, despite a number of glaring problems that he makes no effort to hide. We'll talk more about Reid Romans later. Regardless, she hates to see anyone suffer, glaring problems or not, and Reid is no exception. Her attraction to him awakens feelings she's never experienced, especially with a master. 

Below you will find an excerpt featuring Genie and Reid. Let's just say, things get hot and steamy between them despite their efforts to resist.

Excerpt from Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie
Genie's POV

Standing in the exact place Reid had stood before giving her the home tour, Genie followed a yacht’s progress. Through the floor-to-ceiling window, she watched as it glided down the river, waves cresting gently at its sides, the onboard lights bright and cheery, the glow welcoming. She had an unexpected urge to join the ship’s guests as they enjoyed their summer evening on such a glorious vessel. Perhaps there, she could escape the feelings Reid Romans had awakened.
She was no longer held captive in a bottle, but was instead imprisoned by a set of archaic rules that kept her from what she wanted most.
“Genie! There you are. What happened? You were petting my blanket and admiring my room, and then you disappeared. I thought you’d left me.”
He thought I left him? I couldn’t…wouldn’t.
“Reid, unless you release me, I am yours for as long as you live. Nothing will separate us,” she said the words with the realization she didn’t mind being bound to a master, as long as that master was Reid. She’d left his bedroom to escape the fire blazing between them.
“Do you want me to release you? You said something about it last night.” He joined her at the window, their arms touching.
“No, I want to stay, but I figured that was what you wanted. You weren’t real thrilled to find me, if you recall.” It was hard to believe his animosity had diminished so rapidly. Removing his physical need for liquor had changed him faster than she’d predicted. Granted, they’d been bombarded with one crisis after another, keeping his mind occupied.
“I was a real jerk,” he admitted, leaning closer.
They stayed that way, barely touching and staring silently, until Reid cleared his throat. “Thank you for everything you’ve done. I don’t want to drink. That’s a miracle, pure and simple. I have hope, and I have you.”
Like a moth drawn to light, she tilted her head, glimpsing the intensity of his gaze.
 “Genie…” The way he said her name was like a soft caress.
He reached around her neck, sliding his hand into her hair.
She pushed aside every warning about romancing a master and shifted closer, until she was pressed against him. She shivered, dropping her head to stare at her feet.
“Look at me,” he commanded.
Unable to resist, she obeyed.
 “You are the most beautiful and intriguing woman I have ever met, and that’s no lie. I need to kiss you. Once I do, there is no going back. Do you understand? I. Will. Possess. You.”
His words sent a jolt of desire through her like electricity through a wire. She wanted him to possess her, whatever that entailed. But a sudden vision of him in danger because of her selfishness invaded. Just the thought of him hurt had a sobering effect, dousing her desire like a bucket of water poured over a hot flame.
“I can’t. I’m sorry”
But what if the rules aren’t true? What if I can be with him?
“I’m not good enough for you,” he snapped. “The drunk with a past is not sufficient for the perfect genie. I’m guessing that jinn is more your type.”
“Master, Reid…that is not the reason,” she pleaded, angry with herself for sending mixed signals and with him for his rude response. She knew he was hurting and couldn’t possibly understand her rejection, but how could he accuse her of wanting the jinn? Hadn’t she made it clear how much she despised him?
“Tell me then. What is the reason? I feel like we’ve been playing cat and mouse all day. I know you want me, Genie. I can see it in your eyes, the way your body sways toward mine. I told myself I was no good for you, but none of that matters. Not anymore. If I can’t touch you, I think I’ll go insane.”
She gasped. His latest revelation sent her emotions reeling. “Reid, there are rules.”
“Fuck the rules! Rules are meant to be broken.” His eyes darkened again, ensnaring her like a fly in a spider’s web.
“Fuck the rules,” she whispered, liking the way the words sounded, but shocked they’d come from her.
“That’s right, baby. Fuck the rules.”
This time when he reached for her she reached back.
His lips crushed against hers with such force, she groaned. A responding growl rumbled deep in Reid’s throat as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, exploring and tasting with urgency.
Genie responded, grabbing his hips and pressing her breasts hard against him. Nothing could have prepared her for how her body responded to one kiss. Heat radiated through her core, causing her womb to clench and her thighs to clamp together. Reid’s sent of musk and man overwhelmed her senses.
I want to consume him.
“I like it when you’re a bad girl. Breaking the rules is hot as hell,” Reid whispered against her lips. “Can you blink us to the bedroom, baby?”
He didn’t need to ask twice. 

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