Sunday, January 18, 2015

One Obsessed Djinn

When a person (or jinn) wants something they can't have, he or she can become a wee bit obsessive, to put it mildly. They might even behave badly. It's easy, after all, to get hung up--hard--on the object or person we desire most. 

In my story, a jinn who never experiences rejection is turned down by the genie he wants above all else. His need to possess her supercedes even his common sense, making him ruthless and careless. S-o-o-o not a good combination when you're trying to rescue and avenge a family member while you have hunters hot on your smoky trail, eager to bind you to a bottle. 

Find out what happens when Genie refutes Jinn Kûru yet again, falling for a human instead. 

I think you will be shocked to discover how things play out. Don't think traditional love triangle. Oh, no! Not even close.

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