Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sexy Djinns

Let's talk about the djinn or jinns, as I refer to them in Bottle Banished. In the world I created, these mythical creatures are domineering, extremely confident, and exude sex appeal far beyond the most tempting human male. They gain energy from sexual encounters and are NEVER refused. Needless to say, they've got egos as big as their... ehem!

For us human gals (I'm assuming you're human) we would be doomed to strip off our clothes in their presence and would be more than happy to do just that. Once we'd done the actual "dirty deed" we would be forever soul-touched and tempted by the jinn, never quite able to find satisfaction with a man. After all, a jinn is the ultimate pleasure source. Talk about inconvenient for us!

For Kûru, a powerful, controlling, overbearing jinn, who sees women, both humans and genies, as something needed to fuel his energy and satisfy his desires, he is intrigued and slightly (okay, a lot) obsessed with Genie, a genie who was able to resist his advances, something unheard of. He has wanted her for over a century and will stop at nothing to gain her affections. 

Only problem: She hates him. Bigger problem: She's fallen (hard) for her human master. 

I can't tell you what happens. Well, I could, but I won't. BUT...don't even think traditional love triangle here. It's not like that. There's a twist you won't see coming. Perhaps he will cross paths with another woman able to resist his charms? 

Bottom line: I can't wait for your to meet Kûru. You'll hate him, want him, maybe even grow to like him by the end of the adventure. Who knows? I'll look forward to your thoughts on him after you read the book.

Are you interested in information about Djinn, Genie's, and their unique brand of magic? Check out this "factual" information.


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