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Genie: Belly Dancing Star

Thank you everyone for participating in my book's first Blog Tour. Over 1,700 people have entered the coinciding giveaway. Wow! Three lucky winners will get a signed, trade paperback version of Bottle Banished-Dreaming of Genie, a $10 amazon gift card, and a super cool bookmark created by Bewitching Book Tours. (see below)

Watch for more contests and giveaways to come. Please check my recent posts for two current contests still open.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Heating Things Up!

Steamy Scene with Jinn Kûru (who goes by Seth with humans) and Cassie (the master hunter who has imprisoned him)
The Real Question is: Who is really hunting who?

The night crawled on at a snail’s pace. Kûru patrolled the circle’s outer edges, testing its strength and looking for any potential openings. He’d been thrown on his ass too many times to count. The erected energy field knocking him back, keeping him trapped.

Cassie’s skills were no joke. She’d created an impenetrable barrier, something only the most efficient and experienced hunters could manage. Her ingenuity continued to impress him.

His tiger.

She’d stalked him from the first night, well aware of what he was. He’d rolled out the welcome mat, inviting her into his life, blinded by his attraction to her natural beauty and her ability to resist his advances. He should have been more wary, but it was too late now to berate his negligence.

Single women hunters were a rarity, most worked in teams. Not his girl. As a master hunter, she controlled up to ten, likely more, jinns; no genies from what he’d observed. That wasn’t surprising with their decreasing numbers. More genies had been bottle banished over the years and were considered easier prey.

There was no way she’d banish him. Not a chance. He expected her to return before sunrise for more sex. Like the maid back at the hotel, she wouldn’t be able to stay away.

Bored, he stretched out on his back, thrilled to discover she’d created the enclosure big enough for him to lie down. Entwining his fingers, he rested his head on his palms and stared into the blackness. Without his superior senses, it had taken awhile for his vision to adjust enough that he could see the sigils across the walls and ceiling, pulsating with magic, they glowed. He’d always wondered where the hunters had originated from and how they’d learned their trade. He’d heard the stories, of course, but no one seemed to know for certain.

With nothing better to do, he let his mind travel back to a time and place far removed from the hard ground he rested on.

“Father,” he prodded. “I don’t understand. Why do they hunt us?”

His father, never one to elaborate, kept this answer simple. “Because they hate us.”

“But why? I’ve never harmed a human. Their girls sure are sure pretty,’ he added as an afterthought.” He had his eyes on a certain girl at the market.

His dad roared, his laughter contagious, drawing glances and a few chuckles. “Indeed they are. When you start your own harem, you will have human females that tend to your needs. You have to be careful, though, son. They are not strong like genies and break easily. They will want your undivided attention, something you cannot give.”

“Where do you think the hunters come from, father?” He needed to know, more like he was desperate to understand. Talking about harems and being ‘tended to’ gave him a funny feeling.

His dad sighed and gazed skyward. “We have many stories and myths. No one knows for certain when mankind and our kind crossed paths. We are stronger and have magic they don’t, but they have found ways to control us. Human masters make wishes we have to obey, and sometimes those wishes hurt others.”

Kûru nodded. “And that one clan, the one we destroyed, they hurt humans on purpose, pretending to be evil gods.”

“They did. The humans are only doing what we do, protecting themselves from a perceived threat. Sometimes real, other times not.”

He heard Cassie’s footsteps before the loud clunk that preceded her entrance. His memory faded, and he closed his eyes, pretending to sleep. He was curious how she would react.

“I should have made the circle smaller,” she said to herself. “He looks too damn comfortable.” She prowled around her handiwork, her steps light. “Seth, wake up. I need to speak with you.”

Keeping his breathing slow and steady, he waited for her next move.

He didn’t have to wait long.

She stepped across the border, planting a foot on either side of his hips. He could feel her gaze on him. “Seth…” she let out a frustrated sigh.

He knew then he had her where he wanted. She was contemplating their earlier encounter. He could tell by the way her breath hitched and she shifted uneasily.

Lifting her foot, she started to leave.

Like a coiled snake, he struck, gripping her narrow ankle in his much larger hand. “Going somewhere, Tiger?”

She sputtered and lost her balance, swaying above him a second before she toppled over. He stopped her fall and pulled her on top of him. “Couldn’t sleep, huh?” He licked her earlobe.

“Don’t make me…”

“Make you what?” He rotated his hips, pressing his erection against her pelvis. “I was having such sweet dreams, before you interrupted. Now that you’re actually here, I intend to keep you.” This time he ran his teeth down her ear, drawing a gasp.

His tiger liked it rough.

Her verbal claws came out right on cue. “You are such an ass.”

“You already established that.” Palming her rounded rump with both hands, he squeezed and kneaded, thrusting his hips up, unable to stop his own shuddering growl. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and put that p_ _ _ _ over my face.” He hadn’t tasted his tigress yet and was hungry for her sweet juices.

“You’re my prisoner,” she said, sounding unsure. “I’m not letting you go.”

“Baby, I’m not asking you to let me go. I want to stick my tongue in your hot c _ _ _ till you scream my name. That’s all.”

“Oh,” she whimpered, her mouth now against his.

He took full advantage and plunged his tongue between her lips the way he intended to pierce her p _ _ _. She moaned and devoured his mouth with more fervor than he’d expected. 

“What have you done to me?” she hissed before nibbling his throat. “I should be immune.”

“Less talk, more tongue,” he bit her bottom lip.

Heeding his no-talk suggestion, she stood and slipped her jeans to her ankles, stepping gingerly out and using her foot to push them aside. Reaching up, he grabbed her thighs, guiding her down over his face. “Stop,” he ordered when she was less than an inch above him. Grasping her hips, he held her firm. His tongue darted out, finding her swollen nub.

PLEASE NOTE: I  "bleeped" out words some might find offensive. Don't forget, this book has numerous erotic sex scenes. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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WIN a $50 Amazon Gift Card for Reading!

That's right. You can WIN BIG. I am currently offering an opportunity to enter a drawing to WIN a $50 Amazon Gift Card for reading AND reviewing my new book:

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The first 15 readers to post their reviews will be entered in the drawing with a chance to win. I'm keep numbers low so you have more opportunities. I already have several readers participating, so get moving (reading)!

If for some reason, I have not reached 15 readers/reviewers by Friday, March 20, 2015, I will stop and draw from what I have. So you have about three weeks to read and write a review. Reviews will need to be posted on Goodreads and Amazon before your name is entered in "the hat." 

***To ensure I have your contact information, please message me on Facebook, Goodreads, or here on Google to let me know you have posted your reviews. Provide me with your name and email address. I will do the rest. Winner will be chosen randomly and is based on participation not a positive review.***

That's it! Read. Review. WIN???

If this is successful, I may do it again. I am looking for unique, fun ways to bring attention to my work and bless readers in the process. I'm excited to give this a try!

Available on Kindle! one has won the $5.00 Amazon gift card for naming what 1970's TV show FBI Agent Brad Sanchez is obsessed with. If you know the answer, let me know as fast as you can! You will win a $5.00 Gift Card and an eBook copy of my upcoming book: Firetrap, a Scorched Souls serial. 

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Magazine Cover for Bottle Banished

I hope you've had an opportunity to drop by some of my recent Blog Tour Stops. You can link to the schedule on the previous post. I am also excited to report that my book is featured on the cover of Bewitching Book Tours monthly magazine. The Valentine's cool is that? This is a great publication for learning about the wide range of books available on the market, some you might not otherwise know about. I have discovered great reads in every issue and am proud to have my work showcased. 

Thank you, Roxanne, for all the time, effort, and expertise you put into promoting other authors when you are an author yourself. More about that later!

Check out the latest BOOK TEASER for Bottle Banished below. 
It is a bit on the NAUGHTY side! "Uh, oh."

Now, take a peek at Roxanne's latest book. Book Two in the Vehicle City Vampires series. 

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Book Tour Schedule and Stops

First can I say I love this picture! So gorgeous! Can't wait to share more of the genie world with you in Bottle Banished: Claiming Cassie. But for now, book one is on tour and released yesterday. Did you pick up your copy? Kindle has yet to update the price increase, so it is still just $.99. 

This is the link to all my book tour stops. JOIN ME!

Watch for new character cameos coming soon! In the meantime, check out the creepy, haunted, Shanghai Tunnels, featured in Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie. When you come to Portland, OR, you can actually take a tour of the Portland Underground. The history is fascinating and quite scandalous. 

Click to learn more about the infamous Shanghai Tunnels

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Bottle Banished-Dreaming of Genie--Release Day

Genie is out of the bottle and hopefully on your bookshelf or your Kindle! This is the day every author waits for with bated breath, eagerly hoping readers will discover, and enjoy, what awaits between their book's pages (or on the e-reader screen). 

I'm no different. I'm so excited for your to meet Genie and Reid and the rest of the gang. In addition, in celebration of this BIG DAY. My first Book Blog Tour has kicked off. I will post the final schedule for you tomorrow morning. (It is after midnight here right now)

You can already link to the first two posts:



Fantastic news for you...there is an awesome GIVEAWAY with THREE POSSIBLE WINNERS. Each PRIZE PACK includes a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card, Autographed Copy of Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie, and a cool, colorful, Genie Bookmark. (see below) You will find the entry form at the various tour sites.  

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the contest; read my author interview; visit some really cool book blogs showcasing a variety of great books and authors. I suspect if you're a reader like me, you will find plenty of books to add to your TO-READ-SHELF. 

Don't Forget!

In honor of my book's release, I have a contest running on my personal Facebook Page. The first person to name the 1970's TV show that FBI Agent, Brad Sanchez, refers to, will win an Ebook copy of Firetrap when it releases and a $5.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD. 

Learn more on my personal FB Page

Thank you so much for joining me on this genie journey!

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Character Cameos: Mark and Selena

One more week! That's right. Release date is a week away. Which means the $.99 PRE-ORDER Price is coming to an end soon. Just a couple of friendly reminders but not the real reason for this post


It's time for another, actually two, character cameos. 

The first one features, Mark Harlan, one of two people Reid Romans calls friend. Mark owns the liquor store Reid frequents every night. He learned about genies from his grandfather, though he isn't quite sure what to believe. Once Reid uncorks the mysterious purple bottle, and Genie appears in a smoky spiral, he becomes a certified Genie believer! How can he not? What he thought were crazy ramblings from an old man suffering from dementia have become his reality as jinns and genies invade his life and his home.

Okay, I realize some of you are saying: "Wait a darn minute here...that's Sam from True Blood." 

Why yes it is! 

For some reason, the whole time I was writing Mark's character in Bottle Banished, I kept seeing Sam, who just happens to be Sam (Trammell) in "real life." 

Just forget the Sookie Universe and envision Sam as Mark. 

No accent. No shifting. No Sookie. Major thing in common: Both work around booze. Sam owned a bar (Merlotte's) and Mark owns a liquor store (Harlan's Fine Liquors). Hum... Not the same. See?


Oh my gosh, I'm so off topic. 

The point I was trying to make is actually simple. Sam Trammell is the famous person I picked to star as my character cameo for Mark Harlan. There. Phew! Still, cool True Blood fan art...right?

My other character cameo features Genie's sister, Selena. I can't tell you much about her without revealing major SPOILERS. I will, however, share a scene that takes place between Mark and Selena. 

The "star" I chose to star as the genie, Selena, is a model I found on the web. As with Genie's portrait, I wish I knew who to give credit to. I have no clue who she is. If you know, please pass on her identity. 

Take a look! What a stunning beauty!

Excerpt from Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie

“Hey,” Selena said from behind. “Are you having a staring contest with something in there?”

Mark jolted, bumping his head on the open cupboard. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been standing there gawking at the glasses and mugs. Numair hadn’t said anything; maybe because he was still too busy scanning available cable channels, a silly grin on his face.

“I know you heard,” she whispered. “Mom might have been too wrapped up in our little discussion to notice you, but not me. I threw the vase to distract her, well, and I was pissed.”

Mark allowed himself a moment to drink in Selena. With her bodyguard-of-a-mom always nearby, he never had the opportunity to fully absorb and appreciate her elegance.

Genie and Selena were very different in appearance. Where Genie’s hair was the blackest black with an unusual blue hue, Selena’s was a warm chestnut with burgundy highlights that he suspected were natural despite their glossy shine. She was taller than her younger sister and less curvy, her build more athletic. But it was her amber eyes and their intensity that he’d noticed first, and her no-nonsense attitude about life and the spunky and sometimes snarky way she communicated and carried herself. She was everything he’d always wanted in a woman and then some.

“What? Staring is rude, you know?” Her mouth twitched before breaking into a full smile. “I guess you’re making up for those times you tried to look my way but were detoured by my mom’s glares. She means well, though. Really.”

He chuckled. “Are you sure about that? I think she wants to put me in a locked box on a shelf somewhere, if I’m lucky.” He didn’t say what he truly thought. It would be way worse than any locked box.

Selena reached past him and grabbed two glasses. She snapped her fingers and a champagne bottle appeared on the counter. “She’s not here now, so let’s celebrate our five minutes of freedom.” She poured them each a glass.

It was then he got the irony. “You magically conjure up some expensive looking champagne but pour it in my old, soap-stained glasses.”

She smiled again, her eyes sparkling. “Good point, human. I knew you were smarter than you looked.”

“Ouch.” He put a hand over his heart. “You wound me genie princess.”

She blinked two flute glasses into existence and started over. “Better?”

He raised his glass. “Cheers to new adventures.”

She arched her brow, and extended her glass. “To improved human genie relations.”

“To improved relations,” he agreed.

They finished their drink at the same time. “More?” she offered.

Numair chose that moment to forget his TV show search. “What about me? I’m thirsty, too.”

Selena huffed. “Pour your own. I’m tired of waiting on men.”

Feeling bold for a change, Mark lowered his voice. “Want to start working on those improved genie human relations? I know just the place to enjoy the rest of that bottle without making it a party.”

She gave him a salacious smile. “Show me the way.”

He grabbed the bottle and led her back to his room, ignoring Numair’s complaints.

Once inside, he shut the door and pointed at the window and whispered. “Can you cover the noise? I need to open the window. If your mom…”

Selena raised her finger to her lips, motioning him to continue. He moved cautiously to the window and pushed it up. The usual scraping and thud when it opened were absent thanks to her running interference with her magic. Climbing through, he reached back a hand. “This way.”

Somehow they made it up the fire escape, to the roof, with the champagne bottle intact. They’d left the glasses behind. He had no doubt she’d just create more, or they could drink straight from the bottle. The more he thought about it, the better the second option sounded.

“My secret garden,” he announced when they stepped onto the sunken rooftop.

She twirled around. “You did all this?”

“Me and a few building tenants, but I’m the only one who keeps it up anymore. No one else comes up here. At least no one I’ve seen.”

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured, moving through the potted plants and flowers to his favorite place, where he joined her.

He’d created a summer, rooftop-sanctuary of sorts by installing a sturdy patio cover to keep out any renegade rain. Underneath, he’d laid several throw rugs and tossed pillows. Three lounge chairs with a round table were the sole furnishings. From the patio cover, he’d hung white twinkle lights that he quickly plugged in to the lone outlet. Off to the side was a barbeque he hadn’t used since Genie’s arrival, and several patio chairs were scattered near the roof’s edge facing south and the city.

“I’m glad you approve. Coming from you that means a lot.”

“And why is that?” She was at his side in a blink. “More champagne?”

“That’s two questions, but I’ll answer the second one first. Yes, I’d like more.”

She took a long drink from the bottle before handing it to him. Copying her, he let the bubbles tingle down his throat in a delicious trail. He rarely indulged in the bubbly and was enjoying its dryness.

“That’s good,” he sighed, running his hand across his mouth and stifling a burp.

She laughed, the sound musical. “Don’t hold back on my account. I was taught that a good belch equaled a compliment when it came to food or drink.”

“I’ll remember that next time.” He let his gaze travel over the city, dawn wasn’t far off.

She turned serious. “You still haven’t answered the first question. Why my opinion matters…I want to know.”

Facing her, his chest tightened. His usual insecurity around beautiful women threatened to overtake the bravery he’d embraced bringing Selena up here. “I’m not good at this.” He paused, glancing down, away from her penetrating gaze that seemed to see right through him. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to meet her stare. “You’re gorgeous, funny, strong, and a little strange.”

She smiled, her cheeks flushing. “I like that. Go on.”

“Strange in a good way. I like you, Selena. If we weren’t in the middle of whatever the hell we’re in the middle of, I’d ask you to dinner. The fact you like my sanctuary means a lot. That’s the best I can do.”

“That’s the most honest thing any man has ever said to me, jinn or human.”

Before he could answer, she’d cupped his face in her hands and smashed her lips against his. Without thinking, he tossed the bottle over the edge behind him. It shattered on the sidewalk far below.

“I’ll clean it up,” she whispered, pressing into him.

He grabbed the back of her head, tangling his hand in her hair and kissed her the way he’d dreamed about since she’d first appeared. She purred, and he deepened the kiss, his tongue dancing with hers. He savored the champagne mingled with her distinctive taste, creating a flavor he’d never forget.

He pulled back. “I want you, Selena. Here. Now.”

“Yes,” she agreed, her amber eyes on fire.

“No. I think not,” her mother interrupted, suddenly at their side.

Do you wonder what happened next? I hope so! You will have to read the book to find out. Head over to Amazon and grab your Kindle copy for $.99 while its still on pre-order (Yes, I'm shamelessly promoting right now). 

Seriously, it's a fantastic price for a dark, delicious adventure you won't soon forget!

Until next time, keep moving and shaking AND belly dancing, if you're so inclined. I'm still thinking of trying it out. And believe me, my tummy doesn't look anything like the dancer's below.