Monday, January 19, 2015

Tease. Tempt. Torment.

I'm hoping to tease, tempt, and torment  you (in a nice way) with tidbits from my book. These little snapshots provide just a glimpse of what readers will find within the pages of Bottle Banished. It is so darn hard to know what to share with you. I don't want to reveal secrets, but I want you to be tantalized into reading this book. (Like all my 'T' words?) 

Imagine a new mom with her baby all dressed up in his/her cute new outfit. She can't wait to show that baby off to the world. I think it's kind of like that for an author with a looming book release. We want to share this product of our labor to the world. Granted, laboring over a book might not be as painful as birthing a baby (10 lb babies in my case) but it is a trying process that involves hard work and dedication, pushing through the pain and frustration when those words just won't come out. See all the parallels to childbirth? 

Then come the reviews. Lord All Mighty! People criticize, and at times, even hate your "baby." They tell the world how awful your baby looks. You learn to develop tough skin. If not, you won't survive in this business. Just look at those bestselling authors, they, too, have the dreaded one and two star reviews. Sometimes, tons of them. Thank goodness they keep having babies (I mean publishing books!). 

So, right now is a perfect time to take a peek at my baby without investing a lot of your hard earned money. Until February 11, 2015, you can PRE-ORDER my book baby at Amazon Kindle for .99 cents. I believe, hope, wish, you find my "baby" to be so damn fantastic you have to tell the world about it. If not, you've only lost a buck looking.  I can't tell you how many book's I've checked out at low introductory prices and been thrilled. There's some good looking babies out there! 

Okay, enough of the baby/book comparison. Though it works, huh? Happy reading! More teasers coming soon. I'm thinking everyday until release. We'll see if I can keep up the momentum! Thank you so much for hanging out on my little corner of the web. I'd love to hear your comments and answer you questions. Feel free to grab any of my promo creations and share them on your corner of the web! Let's connect!

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