Friday, January 22, 2016

Pre-Order Price...just $.99 until Release Date

Okay, everyone, here is the scoop! Scorched Souls: The Complete Saga, is releasing for Kindle on February 9, 2016. At that time, the book will retail for $2.99.

BUT...right now, I am running a special Pre-Order SALE. You will be able to read the entire Scorched Souls series, that's Firetrap, Firefight, Firestorm, and Fireworks, plus two bonus chapters, one featuring Rowdy, for less than a dollar. That is 444 pages! Just $.99! Great price for a BIG book.

And, due to popular demand, it looks as if Rowdy will be getting his own book. My upcoming book release schedule (subject to change) looks like this:

February 9, 2016 - Scorched Souls: The Complete Saga, for Kindle.
(It is currently available in trade paperback). 

April/May 2016 - Bad Beats: A Rock-Star Step-Brother Romance. 

Summer 2016 - Rowdy's book. No title yet. 

By the end of 2016 - Bottle Banished, Book II: Claiming Cassie

This is a pretty aggressive schedule for me, considering I also work full time. But I'm crossing my fingers that I can manage it all. That is why I always say...subject to change. Sometimes life has other ideas. I suspect you understand! Phew, deep breath. I can do it!

For now, grab your pre-order copy of Scorched Souls! For your convenience, the links are below:

Scorched Souls: US 

Scorched Souls: UK

Scorched Souls: AU  

Scorched Souls: CA


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