Thursday, October 1, 2015

Seven More Days!

Firestorm is almost here! That's right. Book three in the Scorched Souls-Serial-Series is ready to release any day. On October 7, 2015, you will be able to grab the darkest, dirtiest, and most deadly book in the far. I can't believe Boone and Olympia's journey is winding down. After Firestorm, only Fireworks remains.

However, there are some really cool "things" coming when the series is complete sometime in November. One I can share. There will be a collector's edition, trade-paperback book that features all four novellas in one place. There will also be a new cover reveal for that special edition coming soon. I am dying to share the new cover with you! It was created by the original book cover designer for the series: Laura Gordon, with The Book Cover Machine.

My next project has to do with stepbrothers and rock stars. Wait till you meet Shag, in my upcoming book, Bad Beats. He got his nickname from, you guessed it, his 'shagging' skills. More on that project coming soon too.

In the meantime, get ready to read Firestorm and don't forget Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie, the full-length, Dark Fantasy Romance is currently just $.99 and FREE for Kindle Unlimited.

I absolutely LOVE my own personal Unlimited subscription. I can read tons of books for free, free, free - after the $9.99 monthly fee on Amazon! For a reading addict, that's a darn good deal.

Happy Reading Everyone! 

Here is my PS: Remember, please, if you would; take just a few minutes to leave book reviews. As an author, that is so important to me and truly helps readers decide what books to spend their valuable time and money on. If you believe my book/s is worth reading, please let others know. 

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