Monday, October 5, 2015

Firestorm is LIVE at last!

After a crazy few days dealing with KDP's review/approval process, Firestorm is finally available for your reading pleasure. They initially refused to publish due to the content. Yes, this installment is darker, dirtier, and dangerous, and had some apparent 'trigger' words, but I have read far more graphic books. 

The good news...I made a few, very small changes and it is ready to read. Having a "banned" book for a day or two was rather stressful. I am glad it is over. 

Here are some Book Teasers, and below you will find links to Firestorm on various Amazon sites. 

Purchase Firestorm on Amazon

Thank you so much for reading the Scorched Souls Serial-Series. You can expect the fourth and final book -- Fireworks -- to release in late November (sooner if possible). Your reviews and comments mean so much. I would be so grateful if you could take a minute to leave a brief review on Amazon...Goodreads too, if you feel the urge. 

Again thank you and happy reading!

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