Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Reviews are Raving!

I am so thankful to the readers and reviewers who have taken time to share their thoughts about my newest release, a rock-star, step-brother romance -- Bad Beats. The comments have been overwhelmingly positive, which warms my heart times ten. Nothing is better that knowing the story you created, the characters you nurtured, and the hours spent hunched over a keyboard were worth the effort and provided entertainment. 

I haven't shared a lot of my personal life on this site, but what I will say is this past year and a half has been extremely difficult. Losing my best friend, my mother, and dealing with a full plate of health challenges has proven difficult to say the least. Writing and reading have been my much-needed escape. Without those activities, the strength that comes from God and friends, I would have been in an even darker place. So...enough of that! Just know I appreciate you reading my books and taking time to share your thoughts. It means the world to me. 

Below, you will find just a few of the comments I've had the pleasure of reading about Bad Beats on Amazon: 

“I can’t even deal with how great this book is!!! I love a sexy rock star book and let me tell you, Shag is it!!! He’s moody, cocky and downright sexy!! Then you throw in take no crap Cadie and this story is exciting, angsty and hot!!! There so much depth to the characters and the book, ugh I really couldn’t get enough!!!”

“If you like musicians, drama and heat, then this is the perfect book for you! Bad Beats is a rock star romance, but it's also a stepbrother romance and second chance romance of sorts. The plot was fast paced and easily held my interest from start to finish.”

“This book took the whole “Stepbrother to Lover “ genre and turned it on it’s head. It was steamy, funny and sad in places and an absolutely wonderful read. Shag and Cadie were a lovely couple and add in a cast of misfits and hilarious situations and you have the perfect book.”

 “The character development is fantastic, with a very entertaining cast of secondaries.  Cadie and Shag had flammable chemistry which IGNITED into fiery flames of sexy scene goodness that left ashes in place of panties. C.L. Riley's talented writing style had me hooked from the very beginning, and took me on one hell of an emotional journey. In a time of taboo romances being all the rage, hers was original, highly addictive, and kept my heart pounding to the very end.”

“This is my first book by author C L Riley and as cliche as it sounds, it won't be my last. Bad Beats is a wonderfully written rocker romance with lots of amazing twists. It had this reader smiling, laughing and of course sighing during the erotically hot romantic scenes.”
“WOW WOW WOW! There isn't one thing that I didn't absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE about his story!”

 Put on your backstage pass and pick up you copy of Bad Beat.



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