Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pre-Order Available FINALLY for Bad Beats!

We have a release date for Bad Beats, my Rock-Star, Step-brother romance. It will be available for Kindle on June 16, 2016. Right now, you can PRE-ORDER for just $.99! Price will increase to full retail, following the release date, so now is a good time to pick up your copy. 

He's a household name. Posters of his tattooed body are plastered across bedroom walls from San Francisco to Singapore. Women want to be with him. Men want to be him. He's brash, bold, and bossy as hell, and he is about to become my employer and my step-brother, which wouldn't be so bad, except ...

He's already been my lover.

Hot Scoop Magazine's Sexiest Performer Alive, Sean 'Shag' Steal, is the front-man for Crude Element, the hottest band on the scene. With every song he pens, blazing up the charts, he's got the world at his feet.

Attempting to change his public image as a kinky, womanizing pig, hasn't stopped his wayward ways. I should know.

He played me his music. He played with my body. And he played with my heart, leaving it tattered in tiny painful pieces, nearly broken beyond repair.

I was finally putting the pieces back together when his mother and my father decide to blindside us. They're getting married!

Could things get any worse? The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

Pushed by my dad to replace Shag's former PA, I find myself working with the one man who lives to torment me. He won't take 'no' for an answer, and he always gets what he wants. This time he wants me back in his bed, at least until our parents say, 'I do.' I have to resist. There is no way I can handle another heartbreak.

If only he hadn't earned his silly nickname because of his 'shagging' skills, resisting would be so much easier.

No cliffhanger and there is a HEA!

Warning: This book is for mature audiences and contains sexual situations, language, and subject matters some readers may find offensive, including drug use.

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