Sunday, April 12, 2015

Free! Free! Free!

It has been quite awhile since I've updated you. My mother passed away on March 22, and my world fell apart. She was my best friend. I have contests to honor, books to send out, reviews for other writers, and a ton of other important tasks to catch up on. I've been just barely holding it together for family and work, only now, getting back into the writing swing. To make matters even more challenging, I've been battling what my doctor calls "cluster headaches." They are a cluster F **k to say the least. Painful. Annoying. Nagging. I'm sure you get the idea!

For these reasons, I am working hard to climb out of the painful pit I've been drowning in and return to the land of the living. In celebration of that decision - I'm starting water aerobics, got a hair cut, returned to church, and am working to make several other positive life changes while still hoping to meet my deadline for book one in the Scorched Souls Series. I am expecting a release date in May 2015. That's just around the corner. 

In light of everything, I thought a FREEBIE on KINDLE for my book, Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie just might be in order. Between April 14 and April 17 you can pick up your Kindle copy for free! 

Reviews have been outstanding! 

Here are just a few from Amazon:

"Where to start? This book had a ton of action, suspense, mystery, magic, and hot sex. The men were dominant, aggressive, and sexy as hell. It was written in multiple viewpoints and the author pulled the pieces together nicely. I enjoyed the unveiling that took place as relationship connections were developed and revealed during the story's progression. I love genies, by the way!"

"This is a treasure find for those of us who enjoy adult paranormal. In place of "shape shifters" or "vampires" we enter the world of the Djinn and Genie. After a well defined introduction to this "world" we are lead through the journey of one "Genie" who is a little "out of time". I found this well written, well paced and left me intrigued as to where this series will go. For adults, check this out!"

"Loved this book. I truly got sucked into the story immediately, unable to put it down until I finished the whole book. The characters were so relatable. The steamy scenes were so steamy ! Since I was traveling during my readings of this book... It actually made me feel slightly uncomfortable yet naughty to be reading these passages with some stranger sitting next to me. C.L. Riley certainly has a talent of making this genre and making it seem so real and plausible. I will be looking around from now on wondering who those around me truly are!"

I hope you take advantage of this upcoming offer and please, please, if you would, leave a review. 

And get ready for...

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