Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Magazine Cover for Bottle Banished

I hope you've had an opportunity to drop by some of my recent Blog Tour Stops. You can link to the schedule on the previous post. I am also excited to report that my book is featured on the cover of Bewitching Book Tours monthly magazine. The Valentine's Issue...how cool is that? This is a great publication for learning about the wide range of books available on the market, some you might not otherwise know about. I have discovered great reads in every issue and am proud to have my work showcased. 

Thank you, Roxanne, for all the time, effort, and expertise you put into promoting other authors when you are an author yourself. More about that later!

Check out the latest BOOK TEASER for Bottle Banished below. 
It is a bit on the NAUGHTY side! "Uh, oh."

Now, take a peek at Roxanne's latest book. Book Two in the Vehicle City Vampires series. 

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